Skunks are nocturnal animals who are easily distinguished by their black and white colors and by the pungent spray they carry as a deterrent to predators. Although mostly interested in grubs and other insects, skunks have been known to pilfer through garbage cans.

Skunks should be removed if they take up residence under sheds, decks, porches or crawlspaces.

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Bats Little Brown Bats Contrary to popular belief, bats are not rodents. Nor are they filthy creatures as rodents are. But the feces and guano which accumulate around the areas where they roost do emit a highly unpleasant odor. The little brown bat seeks out dark...


Opossums Opossums Opossums are scavenging marsupials about the size of a household cat. They have grey fur and a distinctive white face with a long, pointy snout. They also have round dark eyes and a long skinny tail. Like raccoons, opossums are resourceful creatures...


Raccoons Raccoons The raccoon with its white face and dark fur around its eyes resembles a thief, and it comes into your yard to steal, mostly food. Eliminating the attraction is a great first step, but getting rid of raccoons, takes an integrated approach. Some signs...

Squirrels and Flying Squirrels

Squirrels Grey Squirrel Two breeding squirrels per year bring many, many problem squirrels. Before mating, several males will chase the female through treetops and attics. After a 44-day gestation period, 3 to 6 young are born (blind and hairless). Young squirrels...

Mice, Voles and Rats

Mice, Voles, Rats Mice, Voles, and Rats There is a popular perception that mice, unlike their larger cousins the rats, are harmless or even cute. That they are commonly depicted as such in movies, cartoons, and comic strips just adds to their cuddly reputation. The...

Bees and Wasps

Bees and WaspsBees and Wasps Although many insects can sting, the most common stinging insects in our area are bees and wasps. Many people are allergic to bees and wasps, so even a single sting can be life-threatening. Characteristics of Bees and Wasps Yellowjacket...

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